New Research in Human Development Issue

Table of Contents

Topic: Ecological Validity in Research on Human Development

Guest Editors: Manfred Diehl & Hans-Werner Wahl

Diehl, M., Wahl, H.-W., & Freund, A. M.  Ecological Validity as a Key Feature of External Validity in Research on Human Development

Kunzmann, U., & Isaacowitz, D.  Emotional Aging: Taking the Immediate Context Seriously

Dirk, J., & Schmiedek, F.  Variability in Children’s Working Memory is Coupled with Perceived Disturbance: An Ambulatory Assessment Study in the School and Out-of-School Context

Bielak, A. A. M., Hatt, C. R., & Diehl, M.  Cognitive Performance in Adults’ Daily Lives: Is There a Lab-Life Gap?

Wilkinson, L. R., Ferraro, K. F., & Kemp, B. R.  Contextualization of Survey Data: What Do We Gain and Does It Matter?

Ram, N., Brinberg, M., Pincus, A. L., & Conroy, D. E.  The Questionable Ecological Validity of Ecological Momentary Assessment: Considerations for Design and Analysis