Webinar Recording Available: “Being Human in Hard Times: Disturbing Trends and Signs of Hope”

The Webinar recording for Being Human in Hard Times: Disturbing Trends and Signs of Hope can now be accessed at this link.

Recent years seem to have been accompanied by great uncertainty and precarity in the United States and around the world: whether political strife within and between nations, volatility of economic markets, sexual harassment and assault, actions related to immigration and immigrant families, or violations of human rights, to name just a few issues. With the ripple effects of these events across the globe, our big world has at times never felt so small. And yet, perhaps in the larger arc of human history, change is simply a universal theme – as each generation or society faces, or feels, the unique circumstances of a time. For this reason, we have invited scholars to take a fresh look at some of the essential but underexplored aspects of human experience. We have asked authors to be visionary – to reflect on why the phenomenon they chose is crucial today, how it matters for development across the life span, how it comes about and what consequences it brings, and how it might be better theorized, measured, and analyzed to advance knowledge and its application. 

Megan M. McClelland, Oregon State University 
Monika Ardelt, University of Florida 
Giacomo Bono, California State University, Dominguez Hills 
Chris Napolitano, University of Illinois 
Eranda Jayawickreme, Wake Forest University 
Michael Cunningham, Tulane University 
Roberto G. Gonzales, Harvard Graduate School of Education 
Salwa Massad, World Health Organization 

Jennifer Urban Brown, Montclair State University

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