June Poster Session

PDF versions of each poster accepted for the June SSHD poster session will be available on June 13th, 2022 (made available to members or registered attendees on this page).

All posters will be available as PDFs.   In addition, some posters (called “Video”) will be discussed by authors in a prerecorded video; other posters (called “Live”) will be discussed by authors during live Zoom sessions

Live posters will be presented June 14th, from 12:00pm - 1:30pm (EDT UTC-05:00). The Zoom link for the live poster session is the same as the Webinar Link.

Live Breakout Room (Moderator: Rosemarie DiBiase, Suffolk University)

How financial scarcity contributes to executive function (PDF)
Claire Cameron, University at Buffalo and colleagues Jessica O’Neill, Lucia Leone, Heather Orom

Resilience to stress across the lifespan (PDF)
Michelle A. Chen, Rice University and colleagues Robert Suchting, Julian F. Thayer, Christopher P. Fagundes

Differential effects of maternal and paternal discipline on young children’s ease of excitation (PDF)
Yayu Du, University of Rochester and colleagues Hannah Swerbenski, Melissa Sturge-Apple

Body Mass Index and pubertal development among adolescents in Kosovo (PDF)
Elona Krasniqi, Palacky University Olomouc and colleagues Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Panajotis Cakirpaloglu & Miroslav Charvat

Impact of COVID-19 on family mealtime routines (PDF)
Hannah Mudrick, Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg and colleague Molly Pylypciw

The relationship between intentional motherhood and fatherhood versus enjoyment to first time parenting (PDF)
Clarielisa Ocampo, University of California at Irvine and colleagues Holly Cesena, Edwin Duran, Amada Cispres, Kayla Nunes, Stephanie Reich

Well-being of early childhood intervention service providers (PDF)
Jillian Pierucci, St. Mary’s University

Video Posters

“Multiculturalism from below” in Japanese society (PDF) (Video)
Saki Kinnan, Sugiyama Jogakuen University and colleague Elhadidy Abdelrahim

Newcomers in a Japanese Laboratory under COVID-19 Conditions (PDF) (Video)
Kasane Koizumi, Osaka University

Coping strategies contributing to mental health of higher education faculty (PDF) (Video)
Princy Quadros Mennella, Westfield State University and colleague Hui Zhang

Schoolteachers’ attitudes toward gender roles in Japan (Audio PDF)
Akihito Nakamura, Osaka University

The moderating role of mentoring on critical consciousness and vocational identity (PDF) (Video)
Luke J. Rapa, Clemson University and colleagues Edmond P. Bowers, Candice W. Bolding

How touchscreens change children’s play: Contemporary artifact ecologies and child development (PDF) (Video)
Robin Samuelsson, Uppsala University

Parental employment of cultural moments as socialization opportunities (Video)
Kingsley Schroeder, Springfield College and colleagues Lacey Hilliard, Jessica LaFontaine

Cultural brokerage among American elementary school students: A social network analysis (Video)
Matthew Stapleton, Springfield College and colleague Hui Zhang

The benefits of life stories to trauma research through an Ecological Perspective (Video)
Shira Taube-Dayan, University of Haifa

Romantic relationship beliefs and interest among emerging adult college students (PDF) (Video)
Nicole K. Watkins, Wesleyan University and colleague Patricia M. Rodriguez Mosquera  

Academic achievement and friendship networks of Chinese adolescents (PDF) (Video)
Hui Zhang, Westfield State University and colleague Charles Matthew Stapleton