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Webinar Recording Available: “My life purpose is…”: Assessment of youth purpose in context”

The webinar “My life purpose is…”: Assessment of youth purpose in context" can be viewed at the Research In Human Development Webinars Page.

In this webinar on youth purpose, we discuss the importance of and challenges in assessing purpose in adolescents; purpose is a concept that has more often been studied in adults, but not in youth. The introductory paper discusses the definition of purpose, the importance of accurately measuring youth purpose, and why assessing purpose is useful for researchers as well as practitioners. The second paper by Bronk and colleagues introduces a new measure for assessing youth purpose. The third paper, by Linver and colleagues, focuses on a mixed-methods approach to the measurement and analysis of youth purpose. The third paper by Johnson and colleagues combines data from five large longitudinal studies using an integrative data analytic technique to examine the intersection of purpose and thriving. The final paper, by Burrows and colleagues, integrates the findings across papers and looks to the future of youth purpose research. 

Miriam Linver, Montclair State University 
Susan Mangan, Claremont Graduate University 
Brian Riches, Claremont Graduate University 
Sara K. Johnson, Tufts University 
Kaylin Ratner, Cornell University 

Jennifer Urban Brown, Montclair State University

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Those who are interested in reading the complete published articles can find them in the upcoming issue of Research in Human Development

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