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August 19, 2016: Family Contexts of Academic Socialization: The Role of Culture, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status.

This webinar highlights the contributions of the new special issue of Research in Human Development that aimed to examine the role of culture, ethnicity, and SES in academic socialization and academic development from preschool to college. Family contexts of academic socialization, a process through which parents navigate and influence children’s school-related development, have received growing attention as a way to facilitate academic development of children and youth. An increasing number of studies have demonstrated complex processes by which academic socialization is formed and practiced within unique cultural contexts. However, what is not yet clear is unique and intertwined ways in which culture and socioeconomic status (SES) interact to influence parental beliefs, engagement practices, and effectiveness of academic socialization. Presenters in this webinar will report comparative and diverse pathways through which parents’ beliefs about and involvement in their children's socialization and education influence academic and socio-emotional development of children in relation to culture, ethnicity, and SES.


Yoko Yamamoto, Brown University
Susan Sonnenschein, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Susan Holloway, University of California, Berkeley
Aixa Marchand, University of Michigan
Marie-Anne Suizzo, University of Texas at Austin

Jennifer Brown Urban, Montclair State University