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New RHD Issue: Orchestrating Multiple Goals Across Adulthood

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A Special Issue of Research in Human Development

 Orchestrating Multiple Goals Across Adulthood

Edited by:

Martin J. Tomasik


Rather than focusing on single goals, people usually strive for multiple goals in different domains of life at the same time. To do so successfully, people need to match their multiple goals to their opportunity structures, maintain sufficient diversity in their goal system, and consider the positive and negative tradeoffs between particular goals. This issue brings together five original research articles addressing goals in the domains of work, family, leisure, and academic achievement. They draw on longitudinal data from the United States, Germany, Finland and Switzerland and on samples ranging from adolescence to adulthood.

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Research in Human Development (RHD) promotes conceptual, empirical, and methodological integrative and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of human development across the entire life span.

Co-Edited by: Richard Settersten & Megan McClelland, Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families, Oregon State University



Orchestrating Multiple Goals Across Adulthood: From Solo to Tutti, Martin J. Tomasik


Optimized Engagement Across Life Domains in Adult Development: Balancing Diversity and Interdomain Consequences, Jacob Shane & Jutta Heckhausen

Boundary Management: A Time-Sampling Study on Managing Work and Private Life in Middle Adulthood, Michaela Knecht & Alexandra M. Freund

Demands of Social Change Across Multiple Domains of Life and Across Time at the Advent of the Global Financial Crisis, Martin J. Tomasik & Rainer K. Silbereisen

Daily Goals and Psychological Well-Being in Midlife and Older Women: Physical Pain Interacts With Goal Conflict, Suzanne C. Segerstrom, Alyssa C. Jones, April B. Scott & Leslie J. Crofford

How Do Young Adults Orchestrate Their Multiple Achievement-Related Goals? Associations of Achievement Goal Orientations With Identity Formation and Goal Appraisals, Barbara Flunger, Elina Marttinen, Heta Tuominen-Soini & Katariina Salmela-Aro

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