Poster PDF & (Optional Video) Instructions

  1. Preparing a poster: Prepare your poster in an appropriate program such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Omnigraffle, or Adobe InDesign. We recommend that you keep poster text to a minimum, or at least make sure the font is readable if the poster is printed on standard printer paper. When you create your PDF, please be sure to include an email address at which someone can contact you, and include a footnote mentioning that “This poster was presented as part of the SSHD 2021-22 Conference Series on April 5, 2022.” You can download an example PDF here: SSHD Poster Example
    • Once the PDF is prepared, please email it to Anthony Dick at

  2. Preparing a (optional) video: If you choose to prepare a video, the easiest way to do it is to prepare a PowerPoint presentation or load your poster PDF, and use a video recording program such as Zoom or Camtasia. For example, after preparing a Powerpoint, open Zoom and record the presentation as you give it. Please keep the presentation under five minutes.
    • If you do prepare a video, please email Anthony Dick for instructions about where to upload it at