SSHD 2021-22 Conference Series

How to Submit


The SSHD Program Committee invites you to submit your work for presentation at the upcoming Conference Series to be held online during the 2021-22 year. Submissions must be RECEIVED BY THE NEW DEADLINE OF 8 P.M. September 22, 2021 (USA Eastern Time which on September 22 =  UTC/GMT-04:00).


Submissions may concern any topic relevant to SSHD. This scope includes the theme of the conference as well as the SSHD mission more generally (see Conference Flyer for information about the theme and highlights of the SSHD mission). The program committee also encourages contributions that advance the Diversity Science Initiative and Emerging Scholars.


To reduce screen fatigue, conference events will be dispersed throughout the year. Dates and times are given using the New York, US time zone (one converter is here). Events will be scheduled on four sets of Mondays and Tuesdays in Fall (November 1-2); Winter (February 7-8); Spring (April 4-5); and Summer (June 13-14). Submitted events will generally be scheduled on Tuesdays, although some exceptions may be possible.  Most events will be videorecorded for viewing on demand as well. When you submit, you will be asked to indicate unavoidable conflicts for these dates, your anticipated time zone, and accommodation needs.



Three types of submitted event formats are described below: (1) POSTERS, (2) PAPER SESSIONS, and (3) SYMPOSIA.

Please note: You may submit the same abstract to be considered simultaneously for a POSTER or a PAPER.  To submit for either or both of these formats, please use the POSTER/PAPER SUBMISSION FORM. When you submit your abstract, you will be asked to indicate which format (or formats) are of interest to you for your presentation. To submit a SYMPOSIUM, please use the SYMPOSIUM SUBMISSION FORM. Links to these forms are available in the submission instructions at the bottom of this page.


Poster sessions are designed for presentations about recent projects. A PDF of your poster will offer attendees a summary or highlights of your project in a concise and accessible form. When possible, formats will allow questions and discussion (e.g., via live poster sessions; assigned breakout rooms).

Posters may include short (5-min) “flash talks” or highlights. You will be asked to indicate your interest in one or more formats on the POSTER/PAPER SUBMISSION FORM. Irrespective of the format of the poster session itself, PDFs of posters will be available to conference registrants/SSHD members via the Society’s website.

PAPERS (grouped into Paper Sessions)

Individuals who are interested in giving a 15-minute live, oral presentation of their work may ask that their submission be considered for inclusion in a paper session assembled by the Program Committee (PC).

We anticipate grouping 3 or 4 related papers into live paper sessions (recorded for later viewing). A chair will be assigned to provide introductions, monitor times, and facilitate optional discussion (not recorded) following the formal session.

We expect to assemble relatively few paper sessions, and thus we strongly recommend that even if you are interested in the paper format, you also indicate interest in the poster format.  Please note that assignments to one or the other format will reflect Program Committee judgments about themes or topics emerging from submissions, not judgments of relative quality of submissions. As explained on the POSTER/PAPER SUBMISSION FORM, the two formats require the identical submission materials.


We invite submissions for symposia which allow several people to address a particular topic in an integrative manner. Symposia will be scheduled for 75 minutes. We recommend no more than 3 individual presentations (20-min each) with the remaining 15 minutes used to provide or promote integrative discussion.  This integration might be provided by having a formal discussant as part of the Symposium, or it might be achieved in some other way (e.g., using the final 15-min for the speakers to comment on one another’s presentations, discuss future research directions, methodologies, or applications).  Submission procedures for symposia are explained on the SYMPOSIUM SUBMISSION FORM.


Submit your abstract below! Note: If the submission worked, you should see a note next to the Submit button that the file was uploaded successfully. The submission system does not send out an email verification. However, if you really want to make sure, you can also email Anthony Dick at for further confirmation.

To submit an abstract, please follow these steps:

1) Download the POSTER/PAPER SUBMISSION FORM or the SYMPOSIUM SUBMISSION FORM and fill in the information for your submission.

2) Please save it as a new Word docx file with the corresponding author's last name (e.g., Jane.Smith.docx).

3) Please upload the new file in the "Upload your abstract file" section below.

4) If you have any questions or problems uploading the file, please email Anthony Dick at

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